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Google Developer Conference

Google Developer Conference Google Developer Conference

Ahead of Google's (GOOG) developers conference known as Google I/O, shares rose over 2% to strike over $900 for the first time on Wednesday. The conference featured updates on Android, Chrome, Google Glass and possibly new devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google Says 900 million android devices activated as of now and that revenue per user for app developers in Google play store now 2.5 times what it was a year ago. At the conference there are 6,000 in attendance, in 90 countries around the world there are 40,000 viewing at watch parties and on YouTube, there are 1 million more viewers. A few highlights of the conference...

Sundar Pichai, new head of Android talked about all the new form factors. "It's a multi-screen world. In addition to that, they have sensors -- they can listen, feel, see and hear." Not just smartphones, either - watches, thermostats and even Google Glass. "At the heart of this journey is the impact you can have on people around the world."

Android is the most popular mobile operating system. "We are fortunate to have two platforms, two large and open and growing platforms..." "Android started with a simple goal of bringing open standards to the industry." 48 billion apps have been installed so far from Google Play.

There are three new location APIs for developers. Google rewrote the location algorithm to take advantage of multiple sensors, which uses less battery and is more accurate.

Geofencing is coming to Android - you can add virtual "fences" around areas which trigger when someone walks into the area.

Activity recognition is coming to Android - it uses accelerometers and machine learning to determine if a user is walking, cycling or driving. It works without turning on the GPS, which saves on battery life.

Cross-platform single-sign-on is coming to Android. That means you can sign into multiple services using Google's account credentials, and when you sign into a service, you can automatically flag it to be installed on your Android device. Cloud messaging supports connections between servers and Google, making it so you can send lots of messages more quickly to multiple devices.

Upstream messaging is coming - you can use cloud messaging to send data to servers which also saves battery life.

Notification synchronizing - if you dismiss a notification on one Google device, it goes away on others.

Gaming - A new family of APIs are coming to Google Play services for developers, called Google Play game services. You can save progression and game states remotely, so it synchronizes across all devices.

Achievements and leaderboards are coming to Google Play as it uses Google+ circles to connect players.

Player matching coming: You can invite friends through Google Play and find new people to challenge. Google is going to give you some insights into how your apps are doing - are more users that speak Russian downloading the app? Should you translate it? There's an app translation service available that will help you localize apps to other regions.

Want music? Google Play Music All Access, Google's music subscription service. Starts with "Explore" on an Android device. You get personalized recommendations based on listening preferences. There's a section for featured content and there are playlists curated by music editors. And you can immediately start playing your favorite tunes. The "Listen Now" part of the app surfaces music that Google thinks you are going to like. It includes new released, music you like, etc, automatically built out. All Access is priced at $9.99 a month, with a 30-day free trial and launches today in the U.S.

Google is selling a Galaxy S4 Smartphone that is pure Android without the Samsung skin and features. The version is available directly through Google Play, it's unlocked, has 16GB of space and receives Android updates as they come available. Priced at $649.

Chrome, "our goal has been to make it your web. Your web, everywhere, personalized for you." In 2012, there were 450 million monthly active users of Chrome. Today there are now more than 750 million monthly active users of Chrome. Google is talking about two compression codes for video and images. It reduces the file size without losing as much of the quality of the image, meaning faster downloads. Chrome will auto-complete your payment form information across all of your devices when you check out.

U.S. Labor Department announced on Wednesday that U.S. wholesale prices fell by a seasonally adjusted 0.7% in April for the biggest drop in more than three years. The drop was largely due to sharply lower gasoline prices. During April, energy prices fell by 2.5%, mostly due to 6.0% decrease in gasoline, food costs fell 0.8% to strike the largest decline in nearly two years. Core producer prices rose 0.1%, which strips out volatile food and energy. Over the past 12 months, wholesale prices have risen an unadjusted 0.6%, which is the lowest level seen since the summer of 2012.

The New York Fed reported on Wednesday that the Empire State Manufacturing survey fell into negative territory in May, for the first time since January. General conditions index fell to a negative 1.4 in May. New-orders index fell to negative 1.2, as did the average employee workweek, which fell to negative 1.1.

The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that industrial production fell by 0.5% in April, dragged lower by a big drop in utilities output and a drop in manufacturing. Manufacturing output fell 0.4%, mining output rose 0.9%, and utilities output dropped 3.7%. Capacity utilization fell to 77.8.

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo housing-market index released Wednesday showed an increase in the index to 44 in May. Rick Judson, a home builder and NAHB chairman said, "Builders are noting an increased sense of urgency among potential buyers as a result of thinning inventories of homes for sale, continuing affordable mortgage rates and strengthening local economies." Sentiment level among builders is up 57% from 2012.

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May 15, 2013

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