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Traders Testimonials Traders Testimonials

Millennium-Traders is the HOLY GRAIL.  Jeannie is amazing.  I immediately figured out right away and got in synch with the trading style. The members in the live trading room are serious like minded traders.  Everybody does their homework and most of all we all learn to respect the market.  If only I found you guys earlier I could have save so much $$$$$.

I wanted to say that, I am pleased that moderators only give signals until 1pm ET. The afternoon sessions were very difficult for me to trade but, I always wanted to be there in case I missed a good signal. I now enjoy my afternoon with my kids instead of struggling during the afternoon trading session, plus I am keeping more of my moneny. Great idea MT.

I found Millennium-Traders.com by searching for day trading strategies and my Futures profits have soared by following Jeannie's calls. Before, I was chasing and losing money, now I have a steady trading strategy that works. Thanks Jeannie!

Thank you for being here, MT. I have been back for one month, in the Stocks Room. Barry and his staff do a wonderful job.

The Forex market is massive. The calls Jeannie posts in the Forex Trading Room at Millennium-Traders are absolutely awesome.

I tried many options trading rooms but Millennium has provided the only room where serious trades are suggested. Thanks!

Stocks Trading Room service is excellent. Barry is a superb trader and real professional.

Barry is fantastic! Probably the best pure daytrader I've ever worked with. Learned a tonne from him so far. Samantha has also been fantastic at customer support. Great trading service all around! Got back from vacation and decided to re-subscribe with a yearly membership this time.

Your Forex Trading Room is excellent. Jeannie very professional and smart. So keep it up and Thanks

For the first time in years I am trading profitably using Jeannie's calls and a few of my own. The online trading room is the best I have ever been a part of, I have used at least 3 other trading rooms in the past and yours is by far the best. The others were pretty well known too. My decision to come back to Millennium is the best business decision I have made in years. Thanks, the room is making me a profit, and last week what a job, great profit once again!

JT is the best trading moderator!

Hi J & B, just wanted to thank you for a great time and a lot of fun. Sorry i have to go for a while due to health issues. I'll be back. In the mean time good luck, & god bless. Love to all. Best trading I ever did!

Thanks JT- I have met my profit goal for the day and it is time to quit-see you all tomorrow-Thanks again for the plan that you taught in the training class JT-it has helped.

I'm new to futures trading. I searched through a lot of garbage on the web and signed up for many free trials to live trade rooms. I'm glad I picked your room. I will probably take the training class to help me take advantage of the calls in the trading room. I'm completely satisfied.

Good Morning MT friends! You have much to be proud of in your great Moderators. I always make money trading with them. They are hard working, smart, terrific communicators and always help me improve my trading. Thanks again - best wishes for a fantastic 2010. I look forward to being an active member again.

After demo trading for two weeks to fully understand JT's calls as well as the chart settings, I began trading live on 11/30. My results in both simulation as well as live trading have been outstanding. What I appreciate most about your service is the freedom to make my own decisions on entry and exit once JT calls the pairs/direction. As you know, JT is nearly flawless in his directional calls. As long as he gets the direction right, there is no excuse for a trader not to be profitable. As for me, I have my target each day and once I reach my target, I stop trading. Even if I don't reach my target, I stop live trading by 11:00 a.m. My trading plan is simple - get in, get done, get out. JT is totally focused on identifying high probability trades. In this regard, I find him to be a responsible Moderator. I appreciate the fact that he will not force trades if the market is not there. To me this is a huge benefit with Millennium. In conclusion, Millennium works well for me and my trading style. I just hope you guys recognize the value of JT and make sure he is a happy camper.

Barry, Total profit $530.00 BNI - That was a wild ride. Twice it got real close to that 1/2 point stop, had my finger on the trigger about to squeeze, but I hung in there and did as you said, I let it breath, and it paid off. You are the man. You really know how to play this game. Thanks so much.

Your stock daytrading room is very good! I see a few different trading styles from each of the traders. I like Barry's calls as he trades a little slower than Jeannie. Jeannie seems to move very swiftly but I am beginning to like faster trades now as I get bored quickly - LOL!

Thanks for the good YM calls JT- both achieved the initial targets-thetraining classes are definitely worth the money! Time to call it a day forme in a quiet market like this.

I first want to let you know that I had the privilege to check out your Futures Trading Room a while back and have been tracking that room's performance it's quite impressive, JT is an amazing trader and so is Leah. I hope you all have a wonderful day and many $$$$$$ :)

Could not be happier. JT and Leah really know their stuff, very professional and helpful at the sametime. Thanks alot

I am happy with the subscription and feel that the site can help make me lots of $$$$. Your staff and their calls are the best. Also, it keeps the active trader up on all the news, upgrades and downgrades, what econ events are coming, and much more. Further, the members who post are just plain fun to be with. I give Millennium an A+.

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your Futures Trading Room with JT. I wasn’t quite used to his style at fist but became a big believer once the profits started rolling in.

Your service is top notch and your moderators are the best. Aside from the great calls, I appreciate that they keep the chit-chat to a minimum. Keep up the great work!

I have been trading for one year now, I have been consistently searching for a trading service that consistently makes great trading calls. You guys are it!! And I am a member for life.

Amazing, I made enough in one night to pay for the service (Forex Trading Room) for 2 years :)

JT, Thanks alot for another fantastic day, all my targets met and exceeded for today, as always i am off to beach, see you tomorrow, thanks mate.

Day Trading TestimonialsDay Trading Testimonials

Excellent trading room. Feel lucky to have found it. JT is Super Human.

Im very happy excellent moderators they r very careful in protecting us in this volatile trading environment were in now. I thank u.

Ok thanks again, I am done for the day and again I want to thank you for the training course I am up again today on two trades 48 pts. In two days I almost profited as much the course cost!

I love the product and the calls that JT provides. HE IS A MASTER GENIUS. I have never seen anything like this and have spent many years and much money looking at different charting and trading systems. The other thing I like about your Futures Chatroom, in addition to the successful calls and high win/loss rate is minimal chit chat and distractions. Just the main signal / calls.

JT is superb!

I'm out another great call JT!!!

Hello, Jeannie! My name is Mark L and I am an aspiring beginning day trader. I got in touch with MT after Barry gave a presentation in conjunction with Ninjatrader. It would appear that that was a very fortunate encounter, ESPECIALLY after having monitored the Stocks Trading Room for one week. Soon thereafter, I ordered your book, "Taking Day Trading By Storm". I have read it 3X. Although I have much to learn, your book appears to be a blueprint for success for the day trader. GREAT JOB, Jeannie! No, I'm certain that it's NOT an easy task - but now what? It seems that taking instruction with you would be a VERY good idea. I have available a virtual trading account with $100K, which you and MT practically insist on - obviously for good reason. I look forward to learning from you!

Hey JT, in about 80 minutes i cleared 4.2k on 5/5 picks from daily swing trade room, wow ! that's the fastest since i've subscribed, tell the guys over there good job!

I would like to use this opportunity to commend you of your wonderful services. The 7 day free trial was quite effective. I will be upgrading on your platform soon.


Amazing trades JT! Ive reached well over my target now already!! You're a legend!!

I have logged onto the Futures Trading Room for two days and was pleasantly surprised that the Trading expert/moderator had a keen eye for the market and called out mostly good trades while I was observing. I am an experienced scalper and trade with similar frequency. Best of luck in your endeavors.

JT, took 6.9 total points from ER2 and 6.3 from ZG. Great calls; thanks

I want to say that I enjoyed the period of one month subscription with you and your service is really profitable. I realize that all the figures you release in your performance data are actually true. I am highly impressed. Now that I got your service I will stop searching for another one.

Started using your service in December . I must be honest, while pleased with weekly trades, I just sort of sat and monitored daily trades for a month. Today I jumped in. I was a little skeptical that maybe the person doing his daily trades was tweaking his entrances and exits on stocks both in pre-market and during. However, today I have ZERO DOUBT you are an HONEST and ETHICAL site. I have watched for a month now how talented he is getting in during pre-market at times and exiting. Just a word to say thanks and look forward to working with you folks.

This is the best trading room I have ever been in!!!

Once again, nice to have you back JT...done my quota for the day and then some so you and everyone else have a nice day and lol..

Love the new site!

Online Trading TestimonialsOnline Trading Testimonials

I’ve tried other stock trading rooms but none could hold a candle to the professional stocks trading service at Millennium-Traders. The moderators provide stock calls based on momentum and what I love the most is there is no pump and dump, which is very costly to any trader. I began by practicing in demo mode for a month and I am still tweaking my own day trading strategy. I plan to be with Millennium-Traders as long as they are on the Internet. Thank you

Bruce & Jen
Millennium-Traders Swing Trades has provided my wife and me with the ability to invest, over the short term to assist us financially, since we retired. We trade small lots but, have found much success with the weekly stock tips. Thank you Jeannie!

If you are serious about day trading, look no further than Millennium-Traders. Being with M-T since June of 2003 has giving me the confidence to become a full time trader. The backbone behind M-T is Barry & Jeannie, two moderators who make many premier calls through out the trading day. Their performance can be reviewed at end of day in the Free Daily Newsletter which is outstanding! Other traders in the room also have their insights of what is going on in the market place. I have seen other chat rooms charge more than twice of M-T and are not in the same league with this room. Alot of people think the stock market is like an ATM machine it is not, it is a business which requires hard work, chart studies, research, and patience to survive in this fast paced industry. With the help of Barry & Jeannie, their many years of experience you can't go wrong if you follow their calls and advice. There are other services M-T provide which is very reasonable. I would not be in this business without the help of MT, I just want to say Thank You for your efforts in making all of successful!

Four years ago, I was an inexperienced day trader, who needed help finding the right entries and I tested at least 50 different day trading chat rooms until I found and joined Millennium. It became an integral part of my learning process. Four years later, I continue to keep it up on one of my screens, it serves as a great sentiment tool as well. My advice for a new member is to be size appropriate and a loose stop until you get the feel for this room. I am a firm believer in group rooms such as this one to assist in your trading so I continue to search for others as well; I still have found nothing that compares to Millennium.

I've been a member at Millennium-Traders Day Trading Room off and on over the past few years. I am in a top management position at a large firm therefore, I am only able to remain a member for short periods of time due to my other obligations. With this subscription, I have successfully increased my own personal stock portfolio substantially. I don't have the required time needed to research the market and I let them do the work for me. I have a few years remaining until I can resign my position and devote the daily attention needed to day trading. I can only say this, when I am ready, I plan on taking day trading by Storm with the assistance of Jeannie & Barry. God Bless Millennium-Traders!

I've been using Millennium Swing Trades since 2004. It is the most inexpensive yet incredibly financially rewarding swing trade services on the Internet, and I have tried a lot until I found Millennium-Traders.

As a subscriber to the Morning Watch List from Millennium-Traders, I feel I have a big edge on all my day trading associates. I've referred many to the service and they all agree, it gives them a jump start on market action beginning with the pre-market session. I'd be lost with out it. Keep up the great work Barry!

I've been trading for several years and have grown accustomed to utilizing the Market Report from Millennium-Traders to keep my basket of stocks in tune with momentum stocks. I use the service as a tool in my own personal program I developed to swing the stocks on their list.

Harold L
I never thought such an inexpensive service could be so good. I don't know who Jeannie is but, the stock picks given for the Millennium Swing Trades each week are incredible. The stock picks seem to be selected with merit and by following guidelines presented on their site, I've found short term swing trading very profitable. Even though I swing trade minimal shares, I am still making a decent return on my investments. Thanks Millennium-Traders.

This room is built for momentum day traders. Absolutely the best day trading chat room in my opinion, and I was a member of two other day trading chat rooms prior to Millennium. My day trading has improved dramatically since joining this room. I now see more clearly the over-all trend or flow of the market. When Barry and Jeannie are calling for a buy on several stocks, you know it's time to go long. They even warn us when moves are "tight", so we should take quick profits. I watch most of the "room calls", and very often enter my order on the call. I determine my own exits however, and don't wait for an exit call. Any computer with 256k of RAM will suffice to trade. Charting and Level II is a must in my opinion. Attitude is everything. There is an air of confidence here, even novice traders succeed because of this quality. The "mods" are thrilled when we do well, you can feel it! Before Millennium, fear dominated my trading day. Now lookout Wall St...the Storm approaches!

Wow I have been day trading for over 4 years and have seen nothing like this day trading room ever. When I first was told about this day trading room I figured it was the usual hype and junk like all the others but, to my surprise this day trading room has the greatest skill set I have ever witnessed. Since joining over 3 months ago, my day trading profits on average, are up over 600%. The greatest notables in this day trading room are the moderators unbelievable rate of success, unlike other day trading rooms where they make maybe 3 or 4 calls and may not even really make any real money this day trading room makes dozens of calls and if they trade flat or miss one, that's a lot for them. The unbelievable accurate success of Barry and Jeannie in conjunction with Sharky who makes the futures calls, just makes it a non-stop money making machine! The beauty of this day trading room is that one can really learn a lot from these guys, if you're looking to sharpen your day trading skills, be more accurate with chart reading, control your money management and make big profits in both a bear or bull market or even a sideways market, then there is no substitution Millennium-Traders is the only place in my opinion where any serious day trader should come and trade!!!

I wanted to thank you for providing a terrific service/support for day traders. I have yet to see the quality or accuracy of the calls made here at Millennium-Traders any where else. You repeatedly call entry points as well as the sell with great success. You base your calls on solid stocks, with solid news and momentum/volume. I have enjoyed profit while being among quality day traders. I heartily recommend your site to both novices and experienced players in this my testimonial.

Having been a member of several other day trading rooms I feel this is, if not the premium then one of the premium day trading rooms available to day traders on the Internet today. Before I joined this day trading room I would have no real direction in my day trading style instead I would look for potential movers using scanners etc. Since being here I feel I have become a much improved day trader and have learned to make my own calls, although they are not often as good as the day trading room calls they are still profitable. I also have less losing day trades than I did before and my losses on each trade are far less. I use the day trading chat room for the style of calls made from the moderators and for the daily conversation. The day trading room is very light and it is nice to have fun while making money. It is also a nice feeling to not feel alone each day and to be part of a team. To my knowledge the moderators have never ignored comments or shunned away from helping traders. Instead they treat all day traders in the day trading room as if they equal, where in other day trading rooms I was made to feel inferior at times. They also will look into calls that other traders bring to the day trading rooms attention unless they feel it is a pump and dump style of trade they NEVER call. The calls from the day trading room are often so good that minimal equipment is needed to trade the room. I have a 1200mhz, 2 600mhz machines and a laptop with several monitors, which are all networked. I also use a chart service and Direct Access, yet others in the day trading room are very limited in hardware and day trade through an online broker yet still are profitable. If I were to sum the day trading room up I would say it is a very friendly service with lots of fun although we have the serious side of making money. On a more personal note I only wish I had found the day trading room earlier as it would have saved me a long and expensive learning curve that I am yet to recover from but, with the help from Barry and Jeannie's calls I know that will be much sooner than I had anticipated. With all that said in my opinion I don't believe that you can set a price on the information and calls the moderators provide yet if it were based on cost I feel the price of the day trading room is worth every penny just in the training and support given to day traders on a daily basis. I have seen this said of several sites and services that they are the best for the best or built by traders for traders. In many cases I have found that not to be true. Yet in the case of Millennium-Traders this could be said in confidence. I also find it very hard to recommend a service that I am not completely sure of to friends and family. But I gladly recommend this service and feel confident that they too can enjoy and profit from the calls made. I have also not seen as many home runs hit on a daily basis. Everyday the day trading room calls several 2 point plus calls and I have often seen 5 and 10 point calls made. While stops are normally limited to one per day, that is an impressive record when making over 30+ calls per day on average. I understand that it may be hard to add voice to the site but it would be nice to add sound to help in training or to talk with fellow members without taking up day trading room time.

Millennium-Traders is by far a premium service every day trader should have in their arsenal of tools, along with Level II, charting and a speedy execution system. That is exactly how I view their service, just as valuable as all of the other tools mentioned above. With Barry and Jeannie's proven techniques of trading high-tech momentum stocks (either long or short mind you) they give you, the day trader, the edge you need to be one of the first in a move of momentum. Barry and Jeannie have a long-term proven track record of being the best in their industry (check their call logs, you will be impressed). I started day trading about 2 1/2 years ago and as many of you I'm sure, I went from day trading chat room to day trading chat room. I continued to lose money at a rapid pace as the majority of day trading chat rooms out there provide no real direction and or training for the beginning trader looking to make trading a career. By God's grace I happened to stumble upon Millennium-Traders website and my life has not been the same since. From the beginning of becoming a member I continued to make all of the same bonehead mistakes that I had learned prior to Millennium-Traders, but through the "tough love" exhibited by both Barry and Jeannie I was able to learn the business like the pros. I have had a tremendous amount of success as a trader over the past year, trading has actually given me the income to open up another extremely profitable business. I encourage anyone with the true intention of trading for a living to stop their search and join the Millennium-Traders immediately.

I've been a member of Millennium-Traders for over four months now and having been in two other day trading chat rooms on a per pay basis and have experienced others on an intra day basis (disliked them so much I left after hours in the room) MT is BY FAR THE BEST..... At first I was in awe of the day trading chat room.... My first two weeks were sitting in front of the computer gasping at the fact that the two Moderators were so darn good... Barry and Jeannie Kick some serious butt.... The rest of the time since those first two weeks I've seen my stock call accuracy go from 40% (and losing money) to over 75% and making money..... This site has helped me live a happy life as a day trader and I would recommend it to anyone that has the need for guidance, support (the people in this day trading chat room help each other), and just the simple need for experience in the realm of day trading stocks, Millennium-Traders provides that in an easy to use fashion.... One must sit back at first, watch and learn, but let me tell ya... once you do get the knack for it... With control, discipline, and a heart to make some serious $$$$$$ you will not want to day trade without this day trading chat room.... And by the way... when I first started day trading about a year ago... my daily goal was $600.... now with Millennium-Traders help it is at $2000 a day (and growing).... and I meet it quite frequently..... (Just don't tell the IRS that) You won't regret the $250.00 per month.... Hope to see you in the day trading chat room... Just tell them Grouy sent ya.....

As a new day trader in the day trading business, Millennium-Traders is providing tremendous value by assisting me with on-going education, providing the tools and confidence required to become a professional full-time day trader. The staff is courteous and professional; they keep me focused on the job at hand and are available to assist me in the event I have questions or concerns. I highly recommend Millennium-Traders to anyone who is serious about starting a part-time or full-time professional day trading career.

I have been a member of the day trading chat room for about 8 months now, and it is wonderful. It has helped me to make a lot of regular profit, each and every month. And in fact I feel the reason I have survived the stock market volatility and been able to make great profit over the past 8 months, has been due to the great day trading calls and day trading advice that I have gotten from the Millennium-Traders day trading chat room. Instead of having to find trading plays myself, I now have 2 experts, Barry and Jeannie, finding the plays, so all I have to do execute them, this is a great aid, cuts the "burden" that is on me by at least 75%, and it's worth way more than the monthly fee charged, to me... Plus, I'm no expert so I couldn't/wouldn't find most of the plays on my own, anyway... :) I use the day trading chat room very heavily in my day trading. I rely on the "Watching For Bottom On" calls to create my on-screen list of stocks to watch, and I rely on the Consider Buy calls that follow, to get into 99% of my day trades these days. I know that if Barry or Jeannie call a Watching For Bottom or Consider Buy, that stock is very likely to be a good player, thanks to their expert calls... The confidence that comes from knowing that at least 75% of their calls will go solidly in the direction called, has made me a much better day trader, more confident and at-ease in getting into trading plays. Many of the Day Trading Chat Room members have very sophisticated day trading equipment, and I'm sure it helps them a lot, but personally, I think that concentration, speed in entering at the Consider Buy alert, a willingness to take profit and to trade smart by always keeping Stop Sells in place, and a decision to simply follow and obey the Consider Buy and Consider Sell calls that Barry and Jeannie make, are enough to result in regular, excellent trading profits. I think that you have to spend money to make money. $250 a month is very cheap, when I consider the outstanding, real-time stock day trading calls that I and all other Members can receive all day long, every single trading day. Barry and Jeannie are not merely "businessmen", they are caring people who care about every member and work as hard as they can to make every call a winning one. And they succeed. This is the most professional, well-run, high-quality real-time day trading chat room service that I have ever seen, and I really feel like I would be lost without it. As far as I'm concerned, the site is excellent as it is, Barry and Jeannie meet all of my trading needs, in their calls and in how they operate the Day Trading Chat Room.

After having been in the Millennium-Traders room for about half a year I cannot imagine a trading life without it, actually I do not want to even consider trading life without it. I have been a successful day trader before I finally found Millennium-Traders and have become an even more successful day trader with them. My definition of a successful day trader is in the consistency in profits. Barry and Jeannie make fantastic calls - all of these calls can be reviewed later and do not just disappear as I have seen in other day trading chat rooms. It is an absolutely honest day trading chat room. And it is a day trading chat room that is kept clean and accepts no disturbances. Of course, we also kid around and there is time for jokes when the market is too tired to move any direction but sideways. Even if you think you know it all, looking at something from a different angle can bring you much further. I believe that continuous learning and adapting are the main keys to success. I definitely do not want to spend my day trading days without my friends in the Millennium-Traders day trading chat room !! Thanks Barry, thanks Jeannie for this fantastic day trading chat room!

For myself, an experienced Equity Trader, I encourage all Day Traders to look at this Professionally Managed Day Trading environment. The Millennium-Traders (M-T) Day Trading Chat Room offers both the Novice and Experienced Day Trader, the following features in Real Time. After six months in the day trading chat room, my Day Trading performance is now at the 73% level (30% increase). This dramatic improvement in my daily profit is the result of following the calls by the team of Jeannie and Barry (J&B), the Millennium-Traders Day Trading Chat Room Moderators. J&B generate a daily total of between 10-20 entries, both Long and Short. I would peg J&B's performance of successful gains at the 90% level, which is amazing considering the present weak Market conditions. To validate J&B's performance, please review their Free Daily Newsletter sheet, available at the Millennium-Traders web site. As a bonus to the members, Millennium-Traders provides a twice weekly Training class after the Market close. This service is invaluable to both the "Newbie" and the experienced Day Trader. This Day Trading Chat Room has it all! Another positive element I wish to emphasize is the SYNERGY at Millennium-Traders that magnifies the scope and speed of your Market perceptions. Millennium-Traders has afforded me the means to be a successful Day Trader. Get connected to M-T; enroll in the free Trial program and find out for yourself why Millennium-Traders is the Premier Internet Day trading chat room. With Millennium-Traders, I am now in the center of the Day Trading action. See for yourself what "Power Day trading" is all about. Please feel free to contact me, if you have questions or comments about this testimonial.

For assistance, connect to our Live Support located throughout our website at the top of all pages or contact our Support Department via email from the Contact Us page.

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