News Commentary

The recent geopolitical news, worldwide, has begun to stir up some much needed volatility. Increased volatility generally provides more trading opportunities for day traders, swing traders and investors. A stagnant market provides little price movement thus, little chance for traders to make a run – in any trade they decide to enter.

Volatility on the other hand, creates enough action to allow any trader the chance to review price movement, determine an entry position, set a stop loss and set an exit point in attempts to post a gain on a trade. Trading volume generally accompanies a volatile market and in turn, creates increased interest in various sectors, specific stocks, futures contracts or forex pairs.

A trading tool many traders utilize when viewing charts are Bollinger Bands. Volume and volatility add to the ability to get a better read on any chart due to increased movement of candles. Increased volatility provides more movement however; traders must remain vigilant to overall market action when in any trade. Price movement is known to move more rapidly, during a volatile market. Additionally, wild trading swings generally accompany a volatile market.

Volatile markets tend to lead traders and investors to believe the markets are prepared for a rebound – which after the first week in August – is greatly needed! Underlying economic and financial events tend to be an attributing factor that leads to a volatile market.

While a volatile market creates a more trader friendly environment, traders must maintain focus and due diligence when trading volatility trends. Keeping emotions out of the picture is key to safe trading. Once emotions are allowed into a trade – the trader will have lost all control and generally will lose money as well. Traders must maintain a sense of calm when trading during a volatile market. While control is another key factor when trading, control is priceless when trading a market that is showing signs of volatility.